Hardhat and Deakin staff

Hardhat & PFD

PFD is one of Australia’s largest and most successful operators in the foodservice industry. With over 70 locations and more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue, the company holds a firm commitment to using technology as a differentiator.

Our relationship began in 2009 with the creation of PFD’s online ordering system. In the years since, eCommerce has gone from ‘experimental’ to an integral part of the business, with sales growing by more than 5,000%.

Every month, incremental enhancements are made to the platform including new features, functions and content. This has lead to a program of continuous improvement across customer service, technical integration and ancillary services including rewards programs.

With the addition of apps for mobile and tablet, digital continues to grow and increase in importance for the business and its customers.

The growth of digital and online sales in our business has been nothing short of explosive. When what we’re doing online needs to be so tightly integrated with our underlying systems, constant communication and collaboration have been key. It’s been incredible having a partner like Hardhat there every step of the way.

- Rich Cohen , CIO, PFD Food Services.