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Perspective | 02.06.2015

A brief history of Git

Sharing work and keep tracking of development progress before Git was a dangerous and unreliable process that often ended in big mistakes.


Next, Version Control Systems came along. Using a complicated infrastructure of servers and clients, people were able to share their work and track changes to a file or directory. Developers finally had the power to recall a specific version of their project, but this new technology was still incomplete and it was constantly relying on the servers to pull the work.


It was 2005 when big changes came to the developer world with the invention of Git. Born from the genius mind of Linus Torvalds, it was the first Distributed Version Control System. The system allowed people all around the world to fully mirror the projects that were hosted on a server. The power of a non linear workflow was finally unleashed. Developers celebrated this new technology, which allowed any mistakes that were made to the code to be reverted back effortlessly.


Finally developers had the chance to work on multiple parallel versions of a website without messing up the work of others (called branching). The software revolutionised the world of developers, producing smoother workflows, and reducing mistakes all around.

Git has proven itself invaluable to developers around the world, changing the way that work is done at major companies from Google, Facebook, Twitter and especially for us at Hardhat.

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Published: 02.06.2015


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