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Perspective | 25.05.2015

Scripts, swirls and flourishes

Last Thursday night, I was lucky enough to attend the Scripts, Swirls and Flourishes hand lettering class at Fitzroy's very own little hub of all things creative, weird and wonderful - Work-shop.

If you've ever wanted to learn a new skill, then Work-shop is the place for you! They have all kinds of short courses ranging Kombucha making and paleo cooking to tattoo illustration, laughter yoga and beatboxing. They team up with Australia’s brightest creative minds who share their knowledge and help teach you a new skill. 

Thursday's class was run by Kate Pullen, an emerging illustrator and letterer from Melbourne. The class focused on the theory behind hand-drawn typography, and some of the techniques Kate uses in her freelance projects. We spent the class working on a range of different exercises in lettering techniques, finishing with a lockup of our choice on a chalkboard, using chalk paint pens.

The class was really enjoyable, and got me very excited to start unleashing my skills on the walls at the Hardhat office. If you're interested in learning a new skill - definitely check out Work-shop.

Article details Author: Amelia
Senior Designer
Published: 25.05.2015


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