Perspective | 19.05.2015

Welcome to the future of design collaboration

What do Adobe, Google, Twitter, Uber, Nike and Hardhat all have in common? They use InVision to showcase their new design work!

InVision is a web platform that allows you to create amazing clickable prototypes from your design files. Simply upload your JPGs, and InVision will slice them up and allow you to add scrolling functionality, clickable buttons, and even simple animations. All of these functions help to bring your designs to life, allowing others to better visualise the functional elements of the work.

For us, InVision is also invaluable for collaboration. Instead of scribbling feedback on a printed PDF, team members and clients can access the InVision link, and create comments directly on top of the designs. They can also scribble, draw, and thumbs up to give feedback. The platform can also be used to conduct live presentations of designs, where the team can control the screen and take the client through the work.

So say goodbye to printed PDFs, and hello to the future, thanks to InVision.

Article details Author: Adam
Digital Designer
Published: 19.05.2015


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