Events | 11.06.2015

AgencyAgile, round two.

Following up from the first round of training in February, Jack from AgencyAgile recently made the trip back from the US for round two.

AgencyAgile, an adaptation from classic software Agile processes, is a method designed to help improve efficiencies, reduce stress around projects and help everyone do the best work that they can do.

This time around, we dove deeper into techniques that will help the entire agency to have clarity around the work that is currently being completed. We looked at methods that help the accounts team to track the progress of projects more effectively, ways to structure the day that allows team members to focus, and learned about the concept of ‘flow’. This concept, which focuses on reducing interruptions to makers in the agency, helps us produce work quicker, and with less frustrations for the team.

To find more about the techniques that are helping us do great work more effectively, head on over to AgencyAgile.

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Published: 11.06.2015


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