Chinese mobile site soars for Melbourne Airport banner
Work | 28.01.2015

Chinese mobile site soars for Melbourne Airport

With Chinese passengers numbers increasing and the subsequent demand for localised content, premium products and tourist information, it made sense for Melbourne Airport to release a mobile site, aimed solely at the Chinese market.

Working collaboratively with Melbourne Airport and Chinese language / culture experts, Hardhat designed an online experience that does just this with content divided into three key sections; Shop and Eat, At the Airport and Explore Melbourne.

The site elegantly guides users through content via rich imagery, time based offers and contextual messaging creating a fluid mobile experience whilst promoting Melbourne Airport and the great city of Melbourne.

To access the app, Chinese passengers are encouraged to scan a QR code from promotional material in the arrivals area and other key locations around the terminal.

As Andrew Gardiner, Executive of Customer at Melbourne Airport said, “The Chinese premium passenger market has shown exponential growth over the past few years, but they lacked a specific channel to cater to their needs. This mobile site acts as a warm welcome to Melbourne and of course Melbourne Airport.”

Check it out here:

Article details Author: Stuart
Account Manager
Published: 28.01.2015


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