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Work | 16.03.2015

Deakin homepage gets a makeover

Six months ago, the Deakin University marketing team came to us with an exciting challenge; to completely redesign the Deakin homepage.
And we jumped at it.

Starting with a massive deep dive research phase, we reviewed university and education based sites, as well as other business sites that had solved similar problems, from multiple target audiences and keys to conversion through to the promotion of concurrent events. We also looked at best practice in design and UX from leading brands across a myriad of industries.

With all of this in our back pocket, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work, delivering a mobile first, best in class design. Amongst other things, the new homepage brought with it a new, more contextual navigation, the introduction of iconography and a general maturation of the brand and styling.

But we didn’t stop there – it was time to test it. We liked it, Deakin liked it, but what did the general public think?

To validate our hypothesis, we set up a comprehensive testing process in which over 1,500 participants put our new design through its paces against the old one.The results were overwhelmingly positive with testers citing easier navigation, better design and access to content faster.

And so, with validated designs in hand, we moved into interaction design, ensuring that every action was intuitive, every element a brilliant experience and that at all times AA accessibility standards were met.

We feel privileged to have redesigned Deakin’s biggest and most remarkable front door.

Check it out here.

Article details Author: Stuart
Account Manager
Published: 16.03.2015


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