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Work | 06.08.2015

Deakin’s Choose site gets a makeover

As a year 12 student, you’re faced with a mind-boggling number of potential courses and universities that you might choose to study at. To help students make sense of this information overload, Deakin relaunched their Choose microsite in 2015 with new features and a fresh new look.

The site underwent a complete redesign of the home page, including the addition of a number of bespoke hand drawn illustrations. The copy throughout speaks to exactly what it is that makes Deakin students the #1 most satisfied students in Victoria. The main feature of the site, the ATAR calculator, also got some love with updates to the design and logic. A section was added to allow students to browse courses and search by study area before filtering the courses based on their expected ATAR range.

Check it all out for yourself here.

Article details Author: Venetia
Copywriter, Content Creator + Community Manager
Published: 06.08.2015


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