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Work | 19.02.2015

Edgell +1 Gets Even Tastier

We’ve given the Edgell +1 blog a UX, design and structural refresh, making it even easier to find the perfect recipe.

Last year we launched the Edgell +1 Project, which saw us work with Edgell’s culinary team to recreate popular recipes from around the web with the addition of one extra vegie. The project was born from the simple desire to help people get more vegetables into their diets with quick, simple twists on things they already knew and loved.
The project is anchored around the +1 blog, with content also reworked and optimised for Edgell’s burgeoning communities across FacebookInstagramTwitter and Pinterest.

After 12 months of quality +1’d recipes and ever increasing traffic, we had plenty of data and feedback to inform the makeover of the blog that’s just gone live. The refresh sees the addition of dozens of usability tweaks, as well as a move to more categorised content, making it easier than ever to find a recipe that matches your mood, who you’re cooking for, the time you have available, the season, your cuisine choice or a preferred +1 ingredient.

In just a year, Edgell has grown from a brand that barely existed online into one with modern food cred and an ever expanding digital footprint. The +1 Project has shifted from a campaign idea to a core asset for the brand, and is the focus of an upcoming ‘above the line’ campaign across TV and print.

Read the full +1 case study here or simply visit the site and start cooking!

Article details Author: Hardhat
Published: 19.02.2015


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