Work | 08.12.2014

Express yourself with The ATAR Mood Machine

Year 12 students across the country have some stressful and exciting times ahead of them with the release of their ATAR scores next week. To help students let off steam and have a laugh we’ve created The ATAR Mood Machine, an interactive GIF maker for Deakin University.

Students can create their own personal GIF to share their feelings throughout Change of Preference week with friends and family. There are over 40 GIFs and personalised text options to choose from to suit students’ emotions, ranging from ‘super happy’ to ‘devo’.

All students’ GIF creations go into a draw to win some awesome daily prizes, helping ease tensions and taking their minds off the week ahead.

To check it out and make your own personalised GIF

Article details Author: Stuart
Account Manager
Published: 08.12.2014


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