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Work | 28.06.2016

Chadstone is ready for Rio

Are you ready for Rio? Well, Chadstone sure is. We’re proud to be the ones behind the swish Ready for Rio microsite. 

Whether you’re a keen sportsperson looking for the latest workout wear or a newbie feeling motivated by Rio, the site has exactly what you’re looking for. 
We wanted to create somewhere you could work out your shopping muscles, giving you a heads up on the latest trends from fitness trackers to tees, as well as workout inspiration videos. 

The site was split into five categories (fitness, win, juice, wellness and products), which provided fitspiration, fun and even free gym memberships for some lucky winners. In centre activations, like a Lululemon yoga workshop and a Beyonce day class, provided an extra injection of fun. Most importantly, the site confirmed Chaddy as a truly ready-for-Rio retailer!

Article details Author: Gabi
Copywriter and Content Creator
Published: 28.06.2016


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