Grape success! Hardhat wins winemaker Innocent Bystander banner
Work | 09.05.2018

Grape success! Hardhat wins winemaker Innocent Bystander

As reported by Mumbrella yesterday, Hardhat is happy to announce we'll be working with Yarra Valley-based winemaker Innocent Bystander to launch a brand awareness campaign which will run through the winter months.

Since releasing its first wines in the ‘90s, Innocent Bystander has grown a reputation locally and overseas for its Pinot Noir, Syrah and Pinot Gris through to its unique sparkling Pink Moscato.

In 2016, Innocent Bystander joined one of Australia's leading family-owned wine companies, Brown Brothers and, following last year’s launch of its new home in Healesville, is now looking to leverage its Victorian base and increase its presence in the Queensland and New South Wales markets.

Before partnering up with Innocent Bystander, Hardhat spent five years working with Little Creatures, helping the brand grow from popular WA craft beer to commercial giant. Using this experience, the agency will focus on helping this unique wine brand drive awareness on the east coast while maintaining brand sentiment and personality.

Head of Innocent Bystander, Mat Janes said: “Hardhat really impressed me with their rapid grasp of the brand and the wine category and the creativity and insight they bring to the table. I can’t wait to work with them and share our great wines with a bunch more people!”

Hardhat’s Planning Director, Iain White added: “I can personally recommend the Pinot Gris and Tempranillo (ok and the Syrah too!). The whole agency is excited by the brand, the product and the opportunity to do some great work for something we love.”

Article details Author: Tom Webster
Partnerships Manager
Published: 09.05.2018


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