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Events | 23.03.2015

Hardhat gets interpersonal

“There are some things you can’t control. You can worry about it as much as you like but it won’t change things.” – Tony Yacono

That can be a difficult thing for anyone to remember, but it can be especially challenging for a team striving to meet deadlines on a regular basis. Of course, the way we handle pressure depends on our personality traits, as we found out last Thursday.

The whole team took a step away from their desks for a session with Tony Yacono, an experienced facilitator in interpersonal style. Most of the day was dedicated to understanding a behavioural model on social style developed by Wilson Learning. The scale plotted four main personality types on an x and y-axis, measuring responsiveness against assertiveness.

We started putting ourselves, and each other, into the quadrants, separating the task-oriented Drivers and Analyticals from the people-directed Amiables and Expressives. In doing so, we learnt that our differences were not a barrier, but rather a challenge to become more versatile in our approach to colleagues and clients.

Tony taught us that while we may not be able to control certain situations, the key to handling them is versatility, which involves adapting to make relationships mutually productive without compromising our core values.

Thanks to Tony, we think everyone came away with a brand new outlook on workplace interaction.

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Published: 23.03.2015


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