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Events | 25.02.2015

Hardhat gets stretchy with CorPilates

Can you touch your toes? No? Neither could we, so this week we commissioned someone to help us limber up and improve that all important flexibility.

Bright and early last Tuesday morning, our basketball court was transformed into our very own Pilates studio. The class was the first in a 10 week course, run by Mel Ling an instructor from CorPilates in Prahran. Over the next 10 weeks we will learn to control our breathing whilst improving our posture, increasing our strength and stamina and working on our overall flexibility.

The class focused on building our core strength, with considerable time spent working on our back and abdominal muscles. Turns out Pilates is a lot harder than we all expected, who knew there were sit-ups and push-ups involved!

We’re all looking forward to the extra stretchiness and improved posture that this course will bring! And encourage anyone who hasn’t tried Pilates yet, to give it a go!

Article details Author: Amelia
Senior Designer
Published: 25.02.2015


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