Work | 20.11.2017

Hardhat launches Kids Under Cover's Board for a Cause

Earlier this year, Hardhat partnered with Australian youth homelessness charity Kids Under Cover and have just helped launch Board for a Cause®, a regular giving product that provides an alternative funding stream for the not-for-profit organisation - and subsequently, at risk young people.

Board for a Cause® encourages parents to charge grown children living under their roof a nominal monthly boarding fee, which is then donated to the charity. In addition to raising much-needed funds, the initiative also provides a fun, simple way for parents to approach topics including philanthropy, responsibility and privilege.

The product is built around the modern phenomenon of adult children (read: Millennials) staying at home for longer, or leaving for a short period and then returning as ‘Boomerang Kids’. Underlying causes for this include the increased cost of living and lack of affordability in the housing market.

The campaign taps the behavioural and demographic targeting capabilities of leading social platforms by serving different content to Boomer parents and their Millennial children at different stages of the process and uses a playful, light-hearted tone to drive awareness.

Kids Under Cover CEO, Jo Swift is excited about the launch of this innovative fundraising approach, “This is a first for us, we have not taken this kind of approach before.”

“We are excited to have this offering for parents with Millennials still living at home, Board for a Cause® is a compelling ask which provides an opportunity for this cohort to make a real difference.”

“We want to encourage this category of older dependent children, and their parents, to consider collecting, and donating board,” explained Jo. “Parents can be part of the solution – interrupting the cycle of homelessness and preventing young people the same age as their own children from sleeping rough,” she said. “Young people still living at home can share their good fortune, incorporating gift-giving into their financial planning from a young age.”

Hardhat’s Creative Director, Reece Ryan said, “Avo-loving Millennials are much more of a compassionate and socially conscious bunch than we might give them credit for. Our creative angle was founded on a real, timely insight which has allowed us to be quite targeted, but also fun and light-hearted with our messaging and approach. It's a real privilege to get behind a cause that will have a such a positive impact on one of the most pressing issues we face as a (privileged) society."

Article details Author: Tom Webster
Partnerships Manager
Published: 20.11.2017


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