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Events | 07.12.2017

Melbourne Startups - Real Big Things #20

Leaving the awkward teenage years behind, the 20th Real Big Things showed its maturity by exploring the much-hyped but largely misunderstood world of startups.

Held once again at the Astor Theatre (a now firmly established RBT venue), we chose five of Melbourne’s most interesting startups to talk about why they came into being and how they’re looking to disrupt the traditional ways society thinks about their industries.

Kicking us off, Kunal Kalro from Eugene made us aware of the racial and gender inequality that exists in genetic and healthcare research. Why is this a problem? Well as Kunal puts it, biased data and research leads to biased treatment. And when there’s biased treatment, underrepresented groups including women, people of colour and most other minorities, experience worse health outcomes, like death.

Self-confessed qualitative research nerd Ainslie Williams then showed how the power of technology has changed the quality of qualitative research, while making collection of data more efficient, with her online video-based company Qualie.

From Curo, the sibling double act of Tim and Matt McDougall shared a personal story to shine a light on the aged care industry and its shareholders’ mutual interest in keeping us in our own homes. By using technology in a simple but clever way, the brothers are letting the elderly reclaim their independence while simultaneously improving the relationship they have with relatives.

Law firms and innovation tend not to go hand-in-hand however when General Standards Founder Kurt Falkenstein decided to start a law firm for startups, he reimagined the traditional model and, in the process, created a startup for startups. Driven by a clear purpose and focus, he’s drilled efficient processes into the business, allowing them to scale to over 1000 clients in three years across three countries.

Last but certainly not least, Paul Ryan entertained the audience while asking them to rethink the way we see parenthood with his Tinder for babymaking app. Just a Baby provides us with an avenue to become a mum, dad or provide someone else with the opportunity to do so and, in a progressive society, challenges the stereotypical family dynamic.

If you’re reading this because you missed the real thing, don’t fear. Beyond the videos above, you can also find the Facebook Live stream here.

The usual mix of coffee, croissants and thought-provoking talks that is Real Big Things will fire up again for 2018 on Friday 23rd February, where we’ll look to explore what the Future of Cities might look like. Tickets are already on sale here.

Article details Author: Tom Webster
Partnerships Manager
Published: 07.12.2017


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