Quit Victoria launches ‘Breaking Habits’ campaign banner
Work | 17.05.2016

Quit Victoria launches ‘Breaking Habits’ campaign

Quit Victoria has finally made the leap into digital and we’re stoked to have been the ones paving the way for them!

Over the last few months, the team has been working on ‘Breaking Habits’ – Quit’s first digitally led campaign. In an effort to reach smokers any time of the day or night who are currently considering quitting, the campaign employed a highly targeted approach across multiple channels – including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Gmail. The project teaches smokers about habitual behaviours and empowers self-directed behavioural change.

We produced three expert and testimonial videos featuring real-life success stories of smokers who have overcome their smoking habit for good, as well as a microsite and a range of digital ads.

It certainly is rewarding delivering a project we hope will not just help people quit, but also change the way they think about quitting. Check it out for yourself here.

Article details Author: Bryanna
Copywriter, Content Creator + Community Manager
Published: 17.05.2016


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