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Events | 30.06.2015

Real Big Things hits double figures

Real Big Things hit double figures last Friday as we delved into our tenth event featuring all the usual things like caffeinated beverages, sticky pastries and cool stationery.

Of course, most of the morning revolved around the speaking prowess of our three talented orators. First up we had New York Times best selling novelist Stephanie Laurens, pseudonym and all, shedding some light on the changes in the publishing world and – surprisingly – they’re not all due to the rise of eBooks. Then Norman Wang opened our eyes up to 3D technology that could help the increasing number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s. We finished off on a high listening to Dr Melissa Weinberg discuss rainbows and kittens and unicorns in relation to technology. Turns out the secret to happiness doesn’t involve clogging up your social media feed with cheesy motivational quotes.

If you weren’t there or simply want to see it all again, take a squiz at our Tumblr. Looking ahead to the future? Get your mits on a ticket to the next event on Friday 28th August here.

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Published: 30.06.2015


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