Steggles encourage us to #MakeTime for quality time banner
Work | 14.12.2018

Steggles encourage us to #MakeTime for quality time

Steggles, the beloved family chicken brand owned by Baiada, have enlisted Hardhat to bring the benefits of quality time to life with a campaign centred around getting together at meal times.

What does quality time look like in 2018? This was the key question to answer.

The focus of the campaign was to reflect the shifting state of Aussie quality time in a wholly positive way. There was no place for technology shaming or talking head revelations. The idea was to paint a truthful, relatable picture of quality time.

The campaign features films of six very different groups; from families to housemates to sports teams; from squeezing around the table to sitting on the floor. The stories were captured in a fly-on-the-wall documentary style and narrated by the people behind them.

The tiered content campaign also features recipes submitted by the subjects, giving our audience the chance to try something new at home. So whether John and Tara’s emotional story of tradition touched your heart, or you wanted to create your own Turkey Taco Tuesday like William; everyone can get involved.

Hardhat’s Co-Founder and Strategy Director, Dan Monheit added: “Steggles has played a part in quality time moments across Australia for almost 100 years. We know that attitudes and behaviours have changed immeasurably in that time, so embracing our inner anthropologist and actually going out to see meal times play out across different homes and communities was both enlightening and inspiring.”

Baiada has worked with Hardhat since 2016 and was one of the key clients behind the agency’s Sydney office launch earlier this year.

Article details Author: Tom Webster
Partnerships Manager
Published: 14.12.2018


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