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Work | 16.03.2017

Tailor your shopping experience with Chadstone

Your perfect shopping trip is not our perfect shopping trip. You might want to spend the whole day admiring pairs of expensive sneakers. Us? All we’re thinking about is heading straight to the food court to devour plenty of Mexican food and gelato.

Enter Chadstone Tailor Made, our newest website for the fashion capital.

Building on the success of their Tailor Made Store in-centre activation, the site guides users through a short quiz to help them create a personalised shopping experience at Chadstone. Are you spicy or sweet? Monochrome or colourful? Pick your answers and you’ll be served up with a list of Chadstone’s fashion stores, eateries and lifestyle outlets, all customised perfectly to your tastes. Plus, you’ll be entered into the draw to win $1,000 cash to splash on your shopping trip.

Try the Chadstone Tailor Made experience yourself.

Article details Author: Neesha
Content Lead
Published: 16.03.2017


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