Wrapping up Real Big Things #14: the biggest yet? banner
Events | 03.06.2016

Wrapping up Real Big Things #14: the biggest yet?

This time around, we wanted to do something a little bit different with Real Big Things. (OK relax, not too different.) Instead of the regular ol’ format featuring three speakers, we unleashed a series of 10 action packed turbo talks squeezed into 2 hours that left our minds racing.

By 10am...

  • Erik Froese told us how to tell if someone’s out to get us on the dark web

  • Amelia Marriott schooled us on the importance of choosing the right font

  • Nic Wheeler showed us how to make a prosthetic mask

  • Justin Matthys and Richard Wilson inspired us to start an educational revolution

  • Smiling Mind demonstrated the importance of mindfulness and meditation

  • Stephen Colman gave us tips on making a killing on Airbnb

  • Beth Walsh taught us what an empathy map is

  • Tim Mundy let us in on the secret to pimping our LinkedIn profile

  • Morgan Ranieri divulged how to attract the first 100 customers to a new business

  • Dan Wilkins revealed that blood doping isn’t as difficult as we thought...

The morning also signified Hardhat’s maiden Facebook Live voyage, as we streamed the event from our page so that those all over the world (true story) could tune in. Yup, Real Big Things officially went international.

The new presentation structure seemed to be a hit with the crowd, but is the change permanent, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to come to the next one.

Get ya ticket for RBT #15 happening Friday 26th August here.

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Published: 03.06.2016


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