8 Bar - Break It To Your Barista

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An integrated, digitally led campaign to launch the brand nationally and position 8 Bar as the only choice for real coffee lovers.


In 2016, Devondale Murray Goulburn launched 8 Bar Iced Coffee, a young, upstart ready-to-drink iced coffee brand. Over 40 years of competition in the iced coffee market had resulted in a stale, undifferentiated category, with incumbent brands battling fiercely for the ‘bloke brick’ consumer - Australians looking for a sugary coffee energy hit in a big bottle or carton.

8 Bar Iced Coffee brought a breath of fresh air to the category by appealing to a whole new audience of coffee lovers. Carefully developed to ensure an authentic, cafe-quality flavour profile, 8 Bar is made with real espresso - unlike its major competitors. The brand ditched the traditional plastic bottle or milk carton packaging in favour of a take-away coffee cup style format.

Devondale Murray Goulburn briefed Hardhat on a campaign to help accelerate the launch of the brand, with a focus on winning favour with a new market of young, barista style coffee lovers.


Strategically, we set out to showcase the unique packaging format, knowing that on shelf recognition is crucial for driving in-store sales. At the same time, we wanted to highlight the inclusion of real espresso, a meaningful differentiator in an otherwise inauthentic category.

Creatively, we aimed to place 8 Bar Iced Coffee alongside iconic, Australian cafe culture - where we knew it belonged.

To ensure that the campaign achieved maximum efficiency, we created a suite of assets that accounted for the nuances of each platform, as well as the behaviours of the people who use them. This meant that the creative needed to be:

  • Instantly attention-grabbing - to stop thumbs that compulsively scroll through busy newsfeeds on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Quick to communicate - Five seconds is often all an audience will give us to introduce the product, the brand and the story we’re trying to tell.
  • Successful without sound - with over 90% of video content consumed on social media without audio, the message needed to be conveyed with visuals alone.

The final creative was a visually arresting, slightly-dark but humorous narrative showing the heartbreak you’ll cause when you break it to your regular barista you’ve ditched him for the convenience of 8 Bar Iced Coffee.

The spot includes a 15-second core edit, which spearheaded the campaign to achieve mass reach across both social and YouTube. This edit was developed to reach a mass audience and introduce 8 Bar Iced Coffee, the cause of local baristas’ heartache, nation-wide.

The core edit was followed by multiple 6-second heart-ache variations which built on the initial narrative, designed only to be shown to audience viewers that had watched through the entirety of the core edit using sequential targeting techniques across both social and YouTube. This technique helps achieve frequency without causing wear-out, and building out the campaign narrative without excess media spend.



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