Innocent Bystander

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With an HQ in Victoria’s famous Yarra Valley wine region, Innocent Bystander was well known in its home state, but the brand wanted to extend its footprint. We were tasked with creating a campaign that would take the wine and the philosophy behind it, to new audiences in NSW and Queensland.

Innocent Bystander is a wine label designed for those of us who love a glass without the pretence. Visit the Innocent Bystander HQ in the Yarra Valley and you’ll find a cellar door experience quite removed from the usual tasting notes, swirling and dusty barrels.

Every wine has been lovingly crafted from the finest local grapes and is served alongside unapologetic comfort food such as pizza, cured meats and the best fries in the valley.

We were tasked with taking this philosophy to new audiences in NSW and Queensland as the brand sought to extend its footprint.

Starting with the man on the bottle, the enigmatic man in black - the Innocent Bystander himself. We created a series of outdoor creative that put this mysterious individual front and centre alongside some of the pithy, cheeky language that the brand is known for.

When it came to social channels we wanted to convey the Innocent Bystander drinking experience as it should be. Not paired with a sommelier approved menu, but with simple dishes that are universally adored. Guilty pleasures? Maybe. Delicious? Definitely.

From a media perspective, we were able to meet our Sydney and Brisbane audiences in the places they were most likely to pick up a bottle, by using a combination of demographic, geographic and behavioural targeting.



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