John West The Amazing Race Companion App


A companion app for The Amazing Race Australia New Zealand that turned an ordinary sponsorship opportunity into an extraordinary database building exercise. The John West mobile app let home viewers ‘Be Their Best’ by competing in weekly mini game challenges that matched the experience of contestants on the show. The app clocked tens of thousands of downloads and hundreds of thousands of engaged minutes during the show.

9th Annual Pixel Awards: Finalist (Games)

In 2014 John West began an integrated sponsorship with The Amazing Race Australia and New Zealand.

The sponsorship, which was in line with John West’s ‘Be Your Best’ positioning, aimed to challenge fans to step up and be the best they can be. To help bring this sponsorship to life, John West came to us and tasked us with using digital to extend the reach, impact and value of the partnership.

In approaching the challenge, there were two insights that drove our recommendation. The first was that everyone watching the show thinks they can do better than the contestants. The second was that all of these viewers were also holding phones, tablets or both while they watched.

We created a first of its kind app for iOS and Android, that allowed viewers to experience the drama of the show first hand. The app provided a unique second screen experience, where fans watching at home could compete with the contestants in parallel challenges on their phone or tablet device. The app hosted 10 mini games with one unlocked each week with the new episode of The Amazing Race. Each mini game was based on the actual challenge contestants were faced with that week, be it wrangling sheep, racing sleds or finding monks.

Viewers were motivated by weekly prizes as well as a trip to Alaska for the overall winner, with every play counting as an additional entry into the competition. Users were encouraged to share their scores and challenge friends through Facebook which generated excitement and added another layer of healthy competition, with high scores posted to the national leaderboard. To kick start the campaign, the app was also promoted across digital, social and traditional channels, including features within the show.

The app was a great success with tens of thousands of downloads and over half a million plays. Players remained engaged with the app throughout the series, with an average playing time of almost four minutes, resulting in over 200,000 minutes of gameplay during the show.

The companion app set a new standard for ‘integrated’ campaigns, improving the experience for home viewers and boosting the reach engagement and overall value of John West’s partnership with The Amazing Race Australia and New Zealand.



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