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Kids Under Cover is the charity dedicated to helping young people at risk of being homeless. We created the Board for a Cause campaign in order to bring awareness to their great work by playing on a cultural hot topic that shows no signs of letting up – Millenials who live with their parents.

Sadly, on any given night 44,000 Aussie kids are homeless. Homeless kids tend to become homeless adults, with nutritional, mental health and substance abuse issues too. Perhaps equally surprisingly the annual cost of health and justice services for homeless youth is estimated to be $626 million, over $14,000 per person!

In working to prevent homelessness, Kids Under Cover’s two major activities are providing:

  • Accomodation in the form of 1-2 bedroom studios located next to the family home, thereby reducing family tensions (sometimes simply due to overcrowding and poverty) while retaining the family link.
  • Scholarships to beneficiaries and their siblings to be able to continue studies.

Despite the excellence of the charity and the generosity of donors, architects, builders and realtors, the gap between available funds and what’s needed isn’t narrowing. We sought to:

  • Increase public (vs corporate/foundations) financial donations.
  • Use incremental funds to prevent more kids becoming homeless and achieve brighter futures via providing studio accommodation and educational scholarships.
  • Reduce the stigma around homeless youth as often extenuating circumstances are more to blame than the youths themselves.

We needed to change attitudes, but as an increasing amount of social and psychological studies show, often behaviour needs to change first, rather than the other way around.

Research gave us the lowdown on the typical live-at-home Millennial; well educated, well paid young people, enjoying free accomodation, free food and a regular injection of cash when they feel a little strapped. A damning indictment of a generation priced out of home-ownership perhaps, but made for an excellent caricature ripe for parody.

We launched the campaign with a tongue in cheek film designed to appeal to both sides of the household; the avocado loving kids and their extremely patient parents. The hope being that we would start conversations at home around charitable giving and better ways to tackle the thorny topic of paying your parents rent.

Those who watched the films, whether on social or TV were led to a microsite with all the information they needed to start donating together as a family.

We are excited to have this offering for parents with Millennials still living at home, Board for a Cause® is a compelling ask which provides an opportunity for this cohort to make a real difference. Parents can be part of the solution – interrupting the cycle of homelessness and preventing young people the same age as their own children from sleeping rough.

- Jo Swift: CEO, Kids Under Cover


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