‘Swish’ has completely transformed the way hundreds of Schweppes sales reps go about their job. The beautifully designed, easy to use app puts personalised content, real time, customer specific insights and interactive tools like margin calculators, right at their fingertips, at the precise moment they need them.

Since launching as a tool specifically for Schweppes’ grocery team, the app has been rolled out across other parts of the Schweppes business, as well as extended internationally through parent company, Asahi Premium Beverages.

2015 AIMIA Award Finalist: Best Smartphone or Tablet Application (Retail & Consumer Goods)


On any given day, Schweppes has over 200 sales reps on the road visiting customers like Coles, Woolworths, Shell and 7-Eleven all over the country. For these guys and girls, easy access to timely, accurate and well presented information is critical for doing the best job they can. Historically, this had been addressed with print outs, folders and an endless stream of static PDFs.

Schweppes was looking for a sales tool to help better equip their front line team. It needed to be highly functional yet easy to use, quick for head office to update with time sensitive content, hugely scalable and visually striking.


Swish is an industry leading sales tool that puts everything a Schweppes rep needs at their fingertips. The high impact, data rich home screen surfaces key stats and insights based on the reps location and the retailer they’re about to walk into.

Behind the dashboard is everything they’ll need for their sales call, from editable, emailable planograms and upcoming TVCs to category insights, trends, performance data and product listings. There’s even a margin calculator for quick and easy pricing on the fly.

Powering the entire experience is a powerful CMS that allows the Schweppes insights team to quickly upload and distribute a vast array of content from anywhere they happen to be. CSV import facilities allow the team to rapidly disseminate data pulled from a multitude of internal systems, while video and other rich content can be easily embedded.

Each time a rep opens the app it performs a quick check and syncs any data that’s been changed since its last update. This ensures reps are always working with the most current, accurate information.


As an internal tool, adoption is really the key metric by which we judge success. If the tool helped reps better perform their jobs, we knew they’d embrace it with a passion. If it didn’t, there was little we could say or do to make them comply.

With that in mind, Swish has been an unquestionable home run. Within weeks of deployment the app went from beta testing to invaluable sales tool. Within six months there was a roll out plan in place to bring the app into other key parts of the Schweppes business.

Stats show that on a typical weekday, over 85% of reps utilise the tool, averaging 200 sessions per day and clocking over 8 and a half minutes per session in the app. The analytics also show that every section, feature and function is being routinely interacted with, illustrating just how big the impact on sales calls has been.

Anecdotally, reps couldn’t be happier, with a steady stream of positive feedback and requests for future enhancements rolling in.



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